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Crowd City

Crowd City is an action-packed fun-addicting and game online by Voodoo. The game was designed for the mobile platform, including iOS/Android devices. This is one of the latest mobile games that can keep players glued and engaged for hours for its wonderful challenges, amazing gameplay mechanics, stunning effects as well as awesome features.

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About Crowd City

Crowd City is an addictive action game created and developed by Voodoo. In the game, players have to manage to gather the biggest crowd possible for a chance at glory. This will be one of the most interesting multiplayer games online for mobile ever! You are forced to join a group of joggers on the road and have to talk to them as well as gather them together.

It’s true to say that Crowd City is such an engaging game by Voodoo, it used to reach the top rank of Arcade games on App Store. The game shares the similar gameplay to – an awesome multiplayer web browser IO game, but still, it owns a different objective. In, players just have to control their black holes around the city in an attempt to absorb almost everything standing in their way, even including the humans, while in Crowd City, your main objective is to invite all the people to join you and run with you in the city. You need to gather as many people as possible to become the largest crowd in the town. Try your hardest to crush your opponents with your overwhelming leadership and become the best crowd of all!

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Crowd City is not a game forcing players to fight one another and it doesn’t contain any brutal elements. You can draw the attention of the members of other teams by approaching them. But, be careful when you do that because if somebody owns a bigger group than you do, they can absorb all of the members you currently have and it will be a game over for you. If you know how to move skillfully, you can totally steal their members.

Outstanding features in Crowd City

Create the largest crowd in the town

Just like the title of the name indicates, the place you live in the game is a crowded city that is always busy and has a lot of people moving, walking, and sprinting. They are all busy with their business! Your main mission is to guide a group of people, manage them and invite more other people to join your group by approaching them in a limited period of time.

Crowd City is a competitive game that is very identical to and Popular Wars. In a match, you and 9 other players lead a group of people that are identified by different colors. Each match lasts only 2 minutes, when time runs out, the group that has the most number of people will win the match.

A useful tip for you: White people on the road are not attracted to any groups, therefore, you must begin drawing the attention of these people rather than attacking other colored groups.

Simple controls

Most of the Voodoo games own simple controls, and Crowd City is not an exception. The game is very easy to play, with simple and addictive gameplay. When the game is kicked off, you just simply control the direction of the crowd skillfully to attract as many other people as possible. If someone is faster, they will attract all the people on the road quickly, so you won’t be able to develop your own crowd.

The best way to steal all the members of other groups is that you should push them in a corner with no way out, causing them to be unable to escape. Remember that if your group has more and more people, it will be harder for other players to beat you.

Become the best player in the world and earn stars

Crowd City attracts all players across the world. When you beat a group of players and reach the top rank, you will earn a lot of stars. The number of earned stars can be used to purchase more people when you begin a new match. The more stars you earn, the more advantages you will earn!

Simple yet stunning graphics

All the cities and places in Crowd City are designed with exclusive 3D graphics. Scenes, like trees and houses, are quite similar to reality. However, the in-game people are different! All of them are designed with the same appearance, only different in terms of colors. In addition, the in-game sounds are very catchy, making the game more engaging to play.

Crowd City is such a wonderful and creative game for mobile devices. The game brings you multiple interesting challenges, together with real-time competitive matches. Each match only lasts 2 minutes, therefore, you can join it anytime, anywhere. Remember that your device needs to be connected to the Internet so you can compete against other gamers from around the globe.