Crowd City is currently one of the most famous mobile games on Android. The game is developed by Voodoo, and it’s totally safe and free to download with an APK file. You can join Crowd City for free to play with so many friends from around the world as well as earn yourself a huge amount of fun. The game bears wonderful features, stunning graphics, amazing challenges and plenty of competitive matches between online players. Let’s take a deeper look at it now!

About Crowd City

Crowd City is one of the most famous games by Voodoo designed for the mobile platform. The game used to the best Arcade game on App store. In the game, you will invite a lot of people and ask them to join you then run with you across many places in the city. There are multiple people living in the city, they all have their job to do, so you need to approach them skillfully, talk to them and let them join your group. The larger group of people you create, the higher the chance you can win. While you’re on the mission, you will come across other opponents who are trying to create their own groups at the same time. You should watch out for the ones that have larger groups than you because they can steal your people easily, causing the game to be over.

About Crowd City

During the match, make sure that you gather as many people as possible for becoming the biggest and strongest crowd in the town. Don’t be hesitant to crush all opponents with your overwhelming leadership, utilize your own smart strategies to outplay all of them and turn your crowd into the best one in the city, which is your main objective in the game.

In-game features

  • Invite people in the town to join your group and try to create the biggest crowd.
  • Simple controls with stunning graphics, amazing sounds, catchy background music, and wonderful challenges
  • Become the best player in the world
  • Earn the most number of stars possible and spend them on more people.
  • Each match lasts two minutes, so join it anytime, anywhere you can.

Crowd City APK Free Download

Feel free to download Crowd City with an APK file and install it on your Android device for an interesting gaming experience! When you use an APKPure App to play an upgrade the game, you will surely gain awesome, fast and free experiences, also, your internet data can be completely saved. Let’s get ready to download Crowd City APK for free!

Download Crowd City APK Now

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