is a great MMO Io game which is similar to hole io. Play the new multiplayer match online for free and get ready to become the biggest crowd on the map! You will not embark on the coming adventure as one of the humans like previous similar titles. But, you will take the role of an aggressive and hungry zombie. You are forced to kill as many people as possible. Not only that, you do not forget to eliminate all of the enemies scattered across the downtown in no download. They will be two major resources that you are recommended to gather quickly if you want to achieve the goal, collect the top score, and rule the leader position. Aside from attacking and stealing, you do not ignore protecting the core of your clan. It is the center point of your party. It is also the place of you. You will die and lose every achievement when you are finished off. Involve in that amazing journey and crush your way!

How to play

To move around the city, move the mouse cursor and press Left mouse at once

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