You are a gunslinger in game and you are here for a mission! The game is all about shooting enemies in the opponent team for your team’s victory. You can play as a member of the Red Team or the Blue Team. Try to stick with your teammates during the battle and support each other!

When it comes to team-based io game, players must work together throughout the battle and they are fighting for their team’s victory. You make your way through the arena, aim, and shoot enemies using your weapons while you attempt to dodge their attacks. You need to go with your teammates! Don’t separate yourself from them! It’s better for all the teammates to go to the same place. This will help them defeat enemies easily and protect each other. The first team that gets 100 kills will become the winning team! Play unblocked for free now! Have fun!

How to play

Use WASD to move, look around using the mouse, shoot enemies using the left mouse button, aim with the right mouse button, use R to reload, Shift to sprint, spacebar to jump, change the available weapons you are currently using by using number keys 1-2.

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