Hole.io is an online version Crowd City! This web browser multiplayer game bears the similar gameplay to Crowd City, but it still owns a different objective. Rather controlling a crowd across places in the city, now you direct a small black hole traveling around the city in an attempt to absorb almost everything on its path, like street lights, box posts, humans, fences, cars and so forth. The more you eat, the larger you are! You can consume the enemy holes that are smaller than you while keeping yourself away from the larger ones, or else you will get eaten, causing you to meet your doom. The main objective in this IO game is to reach the highest rank on the leaderboard and become the largest black hole in the city. Play with good tactics, stay alive, get through all the challenges then come out as the final victor! Good luck to you!

How to play

Use the mouse for moving the black hole around the city.

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