Junon.io is a free multiplayer strategy io game inspired by Moomoo.io style. Alongside the presence of other players, you find yourself stranded on a small planet. It is strange and dangerous to deal with hazards from the environment. You should quickly search for food, oxygen, and every way to survive. Instead of working alone, you can think of teaming up with some friendly characters. It’s helpful to gather resources and build together! Collecting enough materials within Junon.io unblocked is important to create a house, a base, and craft tools with weapons. They are really essential for the latter stages. Play Junon.io online and you can hire bot or worker, too. Remember to assign them tasks after that! Don’t forget the existence of invaders! They will come in waves. Each turn will happen every 3 days. Attempt to set up the best tower defense system to destroy them! Once you are eliminated, you will not be able to explore the rest. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD keys to roam, numbers to switch tools, Space or Left mouse to deploy equipment, I to open inventory, C to craft, R to rotate, E to interact.

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