Smash Karts

Be a professional racer in Smash Karts unblocked! Do you know what it takes to defeat all enemies for a chance of becoming the winner in this racing io game? You take part in an epic battle where you must control your kart carefully on a long track and try to collect weapons on the ground then use them to defeat all enemies before they beat you.

You can choose your favorite character and a color for your kart before you enter the arena of Smash Karts free online. You can collect machine guns or mines then use them to beat others. Also, try to collect power-ups because they will give you invincibility to enemies’ attacks. Watch your surroundings as you play! You have to protect yourself from other players, try to race faster than them, and win over them all in 3 minutes! Play Smash Karts game for free now! Have fun with it!

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD to drive your kart. Use the spacebar to shoot weapons.

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