unblocked is a ball io game online that is similar to a table tennis game you may have played before. In online, you will show your ball-playing skills to defeat all other opponents and get more points than them to become the winner. The gameplay is simple to understand, but you need to have excellent skills to conquer it.

This ping-pong io game is all about aiming and hitting other balls. The more you hit, the more points you will get. Watch your surroundings as you try to do the mission because other players may take any chances to defeat you. Try to avoid their attacks, and at the same time, you should speed up your character to catch the balls, as well as make use of your strategies with smart tactics to knock enemies off the table. Pay attention to your size as well! You will find yourself bigger when you defeat enemies. This gives you more strength but decreases your speed. So, try to be careful when you make movements after you have become bigger. Your goal in game is to beat all enemies to become the winner!

How to play

Move your character using WASD, speed up your character by holding Shift, swing the paddle by using the left mouse button, charge up swing, and hit with more power by holding the left mouse button.

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